300 km Ski Track

Hornsjø is linked to a large cross-country trail network with approx. 300 km of groomed trails:

  • Hornsjø - Sjusjøen
  • Hornsjø - Nordseter
  • Hornsjø - Pellestova, Gaiastova, Ilsetra
  • Hornsjø - Øyer Fjellstue

Even for a starting point, or for a final destination, our Hotel can be a good option to visit during your ski tour. For further updates you can also visit the website of Hafjell's surrounding ski trails:

A group of skiers and a big white dog standing on the middle of the snowy Hornsjøvegen road and chatting with each other.
Three skiers and a big white dog are coming in front on the snowy Hornsjøvegen road.
An old man instructs other skiers on the snowy Hornsjøvegen road.

A simplified overview of the ski trail network: