Summer at Hornsjø




Locally there are more than 40 lakes and ponds. There are over 100 kilometers of rivers and streams that provide excellent fishing. You can find Trout, Perch, Arctic Char, Grayling and Whitefish in the local waters. Fishing licenses are available at our hotel.


Moose Safari


Take your car out or join us for an evening trip to the local area to spot moose and other animals. There is a healthy number of Moose in our local fauna but it is also not unusual to spot deer, foxes, badgers, hares, beavers and occasionally being so lucky to see a Lynx or even a bear.




We have a large number of unique and rare birds to be seen in the area. In springtime, it is common to observe Capercaillie, even in their mating period. Other birds in the area include Common Crane, Golden Eagle, buzzards, Grey Heron, different species of hawks just to name a few.


Mountaintop Walks


There are many mountain tops to reach locally that are perfect for day trips. These tops include Hitfjell, Reinsfjell, Hafjell, and Kriksfjell as well as many others.


Shieling experiences


Visit local shielings in the Oyer Mountains. There are 5 local farms that you can visit: Holmsetra, Steinsetra, Hornsjøen, seter, Sjøsetra.


Berry and Mushroom Picking


From the late summer onwards there are ample opportunities for the harvesting of berries and mushrooms. Blueberries, Cloudberries, and Cranberries are found throughout, while there is a large variety of mushrooms to be collected.