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Hornsjoe mountain hotel has been accommodating guests since 1903 and is one of the oldest of it’s kind in Norway. Even before this it was a wayfarer station were horses and humans alike could rest up, fuel the reserves with food and gather strength for the next stage!
The buildings in Hornsjoe has their own history: The hotel has been extended every time it has had an owner with the finances to expand, which has created a charming impression that is reflected in the different owner’s perspectives. (Ask one of our staff about the time a whole building was moved to make space for a new hotel-wing!)
Originally Hornsjoe was a recreational resting place for the more affluent population of Lillehammer and Oslo, both in summer and winter. Large feasts were served and the guests dressed in their most extravagant outfits. Grand festivities with live music were held, and all the latest gossip was shared!
At the same time, Hornsjoe became a popular destination for local tourists and other travellers who enjoyed the thriving atmosphere in the spacious common areas at the hotel.
In the period after this, it became more common for families to travel for weekend stays at the mountain, both in summer and winter to enjoy the beautiful nature. A lot of regular guests would often come back to the hotel, eat good food and dance to live music performances.
This tradition lasted until the middle of the 70’s when the Norwegian oil adventure was begun and Norwegians became wealthier. This meant that the Norwegian common family bought their own cabins, a development that continues to this day.
At Hornsjoe on the other hand, we have kept the traditions and still run the hotel as an old fashioned mountain hotel, with fresh waffles and warm toddy to the skiers that come by in the afternoon and we still offer traditional food in a friendly and homely atmosphere.
The dancing has been quiet for a while, but now we are in a renaissance and the next year Hornsjoe will be the destination for several dancing events. The tale of Hornsjoe as the best dancefloor is still going strong!

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